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Future-Ready and Designed for Scale through Rahi

Cyxtera provides deeply connected and intelligently automated infrastructure to businesses around the world–enabling them to scale faster, meet rising consumer expectations and gain a competitive edge.
Cyxtera is a global leader in data center colocation and interconnection services. The company operates a footprint of more than 60 data centers around the world, providing services to more than 2,300 leading enterprises and U.S. federal government agencies. Cyxtera brings proven operational excellence, global scale, flexibility and customer-focused innovation together to provide a comprehensive portfolio of data center and interconnection services.

We built our API-driven, carrier-neutral platform from the ground-up with the goal of becoming the most future-ready, extensible data center in the world. If you want to avoid the costs and complexity of constant migration and benefit from pricing that allows you to easily scale up and down, our customers tell us Cyxtera is the way to go.

Produtos e recursos


  • Global scale, deep connectivity and future ready technology in all of our data centers.
  • Over 60 world-class data centers and enjoy industry-leading security, reliability and performance.
  • Around around-the-clock support of an expert technical team that can handle your cooling, power and maintenance requirements.
  • Keep your mission-critical data safe, while maintaining the flexibility, redundancy and low-cost of ownership your business requires.

Troca digital

  • Intelligently automated, on-demand data center services.
  • Unique, in-house development of software and platforms versus off-the-shelf technology.
  • Software-programmable and massively scalable.
  • Create east-west connections in real time.
  • Extend networks from existing colocation across distributed environments.
  • On-demand ecosystem of NSPs, cloud on-ramps, and technology service providers.

Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal

  • Point and click provisioning – compute and interconnection
  • Colocation at the speed of cloud.
  • Seamless extension to colocation environments .
  • Build the ultimate Hybrid IT solution.

Software-Programmable Interconnection

  • Low-latency direct connections to all leading cloud providers.
  • Predictable costs and billing.
  • Multiple paths for optimal throughput .
  • Rapid deployments to meet changing requirements.

Casos de uso

Future-Proofing Hybrid IT Roadmap

With many new technologies available, customers are looking to cut through the noise on how to move to a more OPEX model i.e. aaS
  • Move to OpEx.
  • Pick and choose with custom – aaS solutions ready when you need them.
  • How to support infrastructure of the future.
  • How to solve for increasing data demands.

Migração de data center

Moving their IT infrastructure off-prem has likely turned into a “must-do” mandate and there’s an urgent need to support the new WFH economy.
  • Exit on-prem.
  • Focus on core business.
  • On-demand infrastructure to support rapid change in demand.

Cloud Repatriation

Many enterprises over-extended workloads into public cloud and are looking to for alternative solutions to regain control and cut costs.
  • On-demand infrastructure.
  • Redefine what cloud means.

Why Cyxtera?

Sobre Rahi
Fundada em 2012, a Rahi é uma fornecedora global de soluções de TI e integradora de sistemas com mais de 40 escritórios em todo o mundo e mais de 100 parceiros neutros de fornecedores. Cobrimos todo o ciclo de vida das soluções de TI em uma ampla gama de disciplinas, nomeadamente infraestrutura de data center, serviços em nuvem, infraestrutura de TI, comunicações unificadas, serviços gerenciados e serviços globais para otimizar e aprimorar as operações de negócios.
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