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Rahi with NetApp

Achieve Enterprise Modernisation with Rahi
Simplify your cloud management landscape and storage infrastructure.

Features of NetApp

Unleash the full potential of your data across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. Rahi helps you efficiently implement NetApp storage solutions and cloud capabilities to help you accelerate data-driven digital transformation around your own data fabric. Optimize your Data and Storage Infrastructure Accelerate your business outcomes through Data-Driven Digital Transformation
Modern IT infrastructure
Delivery of agile infrastructure services to meet business transformation needs.
Optimized hybrid cloud
Simplified management and transformation for hybrid cloud.
Controlled software lifecycle management
Advanced adoption through proactive software management.
Secure data center and hybrid cloud
Responsive security for multi cloud environment.
More visibility and managed performance
More Data-driven decision making.

Armazenamento de dados:

NetApp’s powerful storage systems cover a range of platforms, from virtual and database environments to backup and disaster recovery, helping customers in achieving productive, efficient, and modern Data Fabric.

Rahi with NetApp can help you in deploying comprehensive server, storage, and networking solutions and addressing challenging dilemmas of cost, performance, and scalability, therefore optimizing investments made in this critical infrastructure.

Serviços na nuvem:

Make your cloud storage infrastructure more affordable, intelligent, and secure with our cloud and hybrid cloud services. Allow your application and components to incorporate and empower your data to move around with unhindered ease.

Where you go with your newfound agility is up to you.
  • Cloud services focus on your key workloads that require enterprise-level storage.
  • Lower TCO while creating more secure and scalable environments with tools such as NetApp Cloud Tiering.
  • Leverage products such as NetApp’s Cloud Insight to secure your data.

Hybrid Cloud Services:

NetApp’s Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI) allows for next-generation scalability and frictionless consumption with solutions engineered by Rahi data center experts.

Leverage the cloud resources that are best for your business and simplify the complexities of managing data.

Rely on Rahi to assist in creating the right solution to drive high performance and faster deployment of data across multiple public clouds and on-premises settings.
  • Scale storage and compute on demand.
  • Run multiple applications with predictable, guaranteed performance.

Why NetApp through Rahi?

Through Rahi’s partnership with NetApp, we’re empowering our clients to securely and seamlessly liberate, integrate and unleash the full potential of their data across environments – whether on-premises, public, or hybrid cloud.​

Our experienced engineers help you architect, build, and manage a multi-cloud environment that will provide seamless access to your data and enable you to deliver better business outcomes.


Rahi works to develop an understanding of the customer’s existing storage and data strategy.Then we determine the technical requirements and operational needs of your organization to provide solutions.


Our team of specialists and technology experts builds a strategy to architect, operate, and execute the deployment of a new storage infrastructure based on storage efficiency and growth needs.


Our experts test, install and configure solutions to best fit your organizational needs. Rahi looks at all aspects of the data and storage environment to ensure a successful transition to the new configuration.


Rahi team continues to provide value to the customers through managed services to ensure the performance and capacity are in line with the operational and technical requirements.

Implement NetApp solutions through Rahi. Unleash the full potential of your Data Storage Infrastructure

From storage and services to the world’s most cutting-edge cloud solutions, Rahi can increase your agility and amplify your performance.
Sobre Rahi
Fundada em 2012, a Rahi é uma fornecedora global de soluções de TI e integradora de sistemas com mais de 40 escritórios em todo o mundo e mais de 100 parceiros neutros de fornecedores. Cobrimos todo o ciclo de vida das soluções de TI em uma ampla gama de disciplinas, nomeadamente infraestrutura de data center, serviços em nuvem, infraestrutura de TI, comunicações unificadas, serviços gerenciados e serviços globais para otimizar e aprimorar as operações de negócios.
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